a living memorial...

For your loved ones.
For the planet.

The Untimate Memorial

a memorial...

For your loved ones.
For the planet.

...create lasting memories

The Eternity Tree - The Ultimate Memorial

Since time immorial, losing a loved one is possibly the most life-changing moment you will experience. The feeling of grief paired with a gaping hole that was previously filled with love. Once the funeral is complete, it is how we remember their legacy that keeps their memory alive. Furthermore, our planet, due to society’s carbon footprint, is struggling to cope.

The earth needs trees planting to help deal with rising carbon dioxide emissions.

The Eternity Tree brings these two eventualities to the fore and provides a beautiful and unique solution. We developed the worlds first and only bio-neutralising urn, The Eternity Seed. This seed is of a similar capacity to all other urns, allowing the remains to be deposited inside in full. The seed then degrades within 6 months, neutralises  the harmful elements of the remains and turns what is left into a rich, vibrant compost capable of being absorbed into a growing sapling’s roots, allowing your loved one’s tree to grow before your eyes.

What we offer

The Eternity Tree for Humans

Turn your loved one’s ashes into a beautiful tree in the family garden, using our unique urn and a choice of specially grown and nurtured saplings or shrubs.

The Eternity Tree for

Build a truly wonderful memorial to your beloved family pet, that the whole family can visit every day.

The Eternity Tree Funeral Plan

Save your family money, set out your wishes and have 30 trees planted, creating your own unique yet priceless memorial.

In Memory of Sylvia Elizabeth Clarke Price, died 15 January, 2020

Sylvia and Tony were always very keen gardeners and loved spending time sat in their garden. Several years back, Tony built the little paved seating area, seen in the picture above. They would sit there for hours in the evenings, enjoying the setting sun and chatting away.

When Sylvia died early this year, she left a gaping hole. Tony decided that he wanted an Eternity Tree, a half standard rose (Ballerina), with our urn underneath. The urn is now busy neutralising the ashes, allowing them to be absorbed into the roots and trunk. 

Tony now sits in his chair, chatting away to Sylvia once again and enjoying the setting sun.

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how The Eternity Tree works

White casket covered with floral arrangements in a hearse

Step 1

Either speak to your funeral director, or call us directly, and explain that once you have your loved one’s remains you would like them converted into an Eternity Tree.

Sapling of the tree And a drop of water, and the morning light.

Step 2

Choose which tree or shrub you would like. We have 20 to choose from and all are home grown using native seeds in a Forestry Commission Approved facility.

Man hands planting the young tree while working in garden

Step 3

With the remains inside the urn, plant in the ground with your chosen tree on top. It’s that simple. We also provide, for a small fee, a professional planting service.

Then sit back and watch your loved one’s memorial grow before your eyes!

Our Mission

For every Eternity Tree planted in a garden, whether that be for humans or pets, we plant four additional trees in National Forests or woodlands. Further, if you are taking out a funeral plan, we plant eleven trees upon taking out the plan and a further 18 trees upon your passing.

Together with our customers, we are beginning to tackle climate change and global warming like no other initiative before.

This means that your decision to honour your loved ones with The Eternity Tree as a memorial is a gift not just to your loved one, but to humanity itself. What a phenomenal legacy!

Planting Trees

Planting trees supports wildfire recovery, improves water quality, mitigates climate change, and so much more. In fact three mature trees can produce enough oxygen for an extended family of 30 people for an entire year - what an incredible way to honour your loved one!

An Active Partner

The Eternity Tree is an active partner in the National Forest Foundation’s goal of planting 50 million trees in our National Forests - we are investing in healthy forests for today and for future generations.

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