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Bio-Neutralising Urn
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The World’s First Bio Neutralising Urn

A memorial for your loved one? Don't do things by half...... We didn't!

Neutralising Urn

The Eternity Tree - The Ultimate Memorial

Everyone loves the idea of returning to nature and becoming their favourite tree when they die. As cremation now accounts for over 95% of all funerals, our task was to find a way of turning cremated remains into a medium that allows for a sapling, or young tree, to flourish.

Cremated remains do contain many valuable ingredients for plant growth, however the high pH level and sodium concentration, along with other elements, make them extremely toxic to the environment. A simple walk around an area popular with scattering of ashes will show sections of burnt grass and dying foliage. Indeed, many popular parks and trusts have now outlawed the scattering of ashes. We developed the worlds first and only bio-neutralising urn, The Eternity Seed. This seed is of a similar capacity to all other urns, allowing the remains to be deposited inside in full. The seed then degrades within 6 months, neutralises the harmful elements of the remains and turns what is left into a rich, vibrant compost capable of being absorbed into a growing sapling’s roots, allowing your loved one’s tree to grow before your eyes.

The Eternity Tree

What we offer

The Eternity Tree for Humans

Turn your loved one’s ashes into a beautiful tree in the family garden, using our unique urn and a choice of specially grown and nurtured saplings or shrubs.

The Eternity Tree for Pets

Build a truly wonderful memorial to your beloved family pet, that the whole family can visit every day.

In Memory of Vicary Paul Gibbs, 1933 to 2020

Eternal Life Across Cultures

Vicary had 2 major loves in his life. One was horse racing, although his gambling ability was debatable. The other was his garden, at the back of the home he designed and built nearly 50 years ago. He always professed that he would only leave the property in a wooden box. Though this became reality last year, once he heard about The Eternity Tree, he chose to begin his new life as a tree in a few ways. Firstly, a portion of his ashes is planted in the garden underneath a maple tree. The remaining ashes have been split in two and placed in planters for both his children to cherish.

How it Works

plant tree

Step 1

 Choose whether you want to plant in the ground or in one of our movable planters

saplings or shrubs

Step 2

Choose one of our specially grown saplings or shrubs

Step 3

Sit back and watch your loved one’s ashes grow into a wonderful memorial

Our Mission

For every Eternity Tree planted in a garden, whether that be for humans or pets, we plant four additional trees in National Forests or woodlands.

Together with our customers, we are beginning to tackle climate change and global warming like no other initiative before.

This means that your decision to honor your loved ones with The Eternity Tree as a memorial is a gift not just to your loved one, but to humanity itself. What a phenomenal legacy!

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