7 Creative Things You Can Do WIth Cremation Ashes Of The Deceased

Losing someone is always painful. But as per the law of eternity, you can’t keep someone forever with you. All you can do is cherish the memory and use it for creative purposes. As cremation is becoming popular in the UK, so do the use of ashes in innovative ways. 

From planting a memorial tree with ashes to shooting them into space, you have multiple options to choose from. But what makes your actions unique? Here’s what you can do with cremation ashes to show creativity and celebrate the memory of the deceased. 

7 Creative Things You Can Do WIth Cremation Ashes

To honour the fallen and show your gratitude for the memory of your loved one, we’ve put together 7 things you can do with cremation ashes. So, let’s find out what’s waiting for us.

Spread The Ashes Into Wilderness

One of the most common things you can do with cremation ashes is spread them into the wilderness. There are many national parks in the UK, and you can easily spread the ashes when the wind is strong. Although you need to take permission from the authority in some cases, most parks allow the discreet spreading of cremation ashes. 

Scatter Over A Waterfall

Spreading the ashes over a waterfall and seeing the ashes marge with the water below can give you a thrill. While you commemorate the deceased and spread ashes from a hilltop, the wind will carry it to a world unknown but promising. 

Scatter Them At River/Sea

Similar to scattering cremation ashes over a waterfall, submerging them into the river/sea seems to be a fitting farewell to your loved ones. Take the ashes in an urn, slowly put them down in the water, and let it flow with the water. 

Turn Ashes Into Trees

One of the brilliant ideas you can follow is turning the ashes into living, breathing trees. Some creative funeral plan service agencies offer tree plantations in memory of someone. Not only does it provide a creative solution of what to do with cremation ashes, but it benefits nature as well. In this way, you put the ashes into biodegradable urns and plant the favourite tree of the deceased soul. So, it grows feeding on the nutrients the ashes provide— more like the tree is the exact reflection of your loved one.  

Give It A Ride Around The World

If the person you’ve lost loved roaming around the world and was a great traveller, taking the ashes with you in different places can give you pleasure. While you are celebrating the memory by taking the ashes with you, you’ll feel that you are not alone. 

Shoot Them Into Space

Why not scatter the ashes into space where your loved ones have gone? This would be a great farewell to his/her loving memory, and also, it will be unique. Some companies nowadays can help you shoot the ashes into space. To do this, they fill balloons with helium and attach the biodegradable urn containing ashes. Then they release it, which bursts when it reaches 100000 ft. If you want to do something different with the cremation ashes, this is undoubtedly a good option.   

Turn Them Into jewellery

One of the most trends that we follow when dealing with cremation ashes is putting them into jewellery and wearing them. There are many jewellery items available in the market in which you can put some of the ashes and wear them without ruining them. Alternatively, you can buy an urn to put the ashes in it. Then, keep it in your room or plant a cactus on top to revitalise the memory every day. 

Final Words

Preserving the ashes in an urn is an old idea. Scattering them in a river, sea, or wilderness is also traditional. If you want to be creative with the cremation ashes and do something different, turning them into a tree or shooting them into space can be ideal options. After all, merging the remains with nature is the best practice and also beneficial. To plant a tree in memory of a loved one or pet, you can contact us. It will benefit the environment and save you from additional expenditures.

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