How to Plan a Funeral Reception?

Funeral Receptions are usually hosted by families after the burial of a lost loved one. After the difficult time of mourning, arranging a funeral reception essentially provides friends and families with an opportunity to meet, share intimate stories and memories and support each other. It also helps people to cheer up and continue to celebrate life. 

Where to Host:

Typically after a funeral service, a reception is hosted in a casual place; restaurant or close family members home to share their feelings about the deceased. Further, the gathering schedule in most cases are flexible in the type, and the foods are mostly catered. Funeral home offers help while you are planning for a funeral. If this is the first time you are arranging a plan here are some suggestions to help you avoid mishandlings.

Who should Organise a Funeral Reception:

Funeral receptions are generally organized by immediate family members. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to arrange an obituary, funeral, burial and everything else involved in the death of a beloved one. Therefore, reaching out to a funeral planner or service provider for assistance could be an idea worth considering. 

Personalising Ideas:

Personalising post-service reception is a great way to honour and reflect the departed one’s life; revising memories and positive times to bring a smile to the face during such a difficult time. Funeral reception décor plays a crucial part in setting the tone of the reception and to personalise while not losing focus on the family customs. Not only flowers but you can also add: 

  • Visitor Signing Books
  • Photo Walls
  • Memory Desks
  • Athletic Souvenirs
  • Displays of your loved one’s favourite substances
  • Decoration related to your departed one’s comforts

Attendance in a Funeral Reception:

To predict the attendance at a funeral reception beforehand is challenging. It is often not the case that only those will come to the reception who attended the funeral rather as the news spreads over time, there may be more people than what you expect. Some families choose a more intimate approach by hosting a funeral reception where attendees are only welcomed on an “invite-only” basis. If you are holding the funeral reception at your home and concerned about budget, private funeral receptions may be the best route to take into consideration. 

Getting an event catered can be challenging as you have got little time to plan and budget constraints to think through. In most cases, family and friends contribute by taking along things which you should consider before placing a large order. 

What Should be Offered:

The menu of a funeral reception primarily depends on the financial ability, number of attendees and the location. The menu also depends on which time the reception is taking place; lighter options for early morning and heavy for dinner or late afternoon. Funeral specialists suggest following menu if your budget permits, that includes: 

  • A Buffet
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Cheese Board
  • Scones
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Options
  • Salad
  • Cake
  • Tea and Coffee
  • A Selection of Soft Drinks

Ideas on Post-Cremation Ceremony:

People from across the country will come to share their sympathies. A table with mementoes and photographs might help to remember the departed one and could be a great way to start conversations around; facilitating people to begin sharing their stories about the person you all loved. You can also hold a ceremony to honour the departed like:  

  • Scattering of the Ashes Ceremony
  • Open-mic Speeches
  • Planting Memorial Tree 
  • Playing a Tribute Video
  • Candle Lighting Ceremony

Conclusion: We hope you should by now have a better idea of how things should be arranged in a funeral reception with our expert tips. Last-minute funeral arrangements are in most cases demanding hence, funeral specialists recommend funeral pre-planning to avoid mismanagement and stress on immediate family members. Planning will make sure your loved one’s desires are fulfilled and will help escape last minute disorder. Also, to take off the financial burden from the grief-stricken family, a pre-funding funeral can be a great idea worth inspection. Get in touch with our funeral home to get assistance with honouring the memory of your loved ones.

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