Pets are family and a very beloved part of our hearts. Losing a pet to death is a harrowing experience for any pet owner, and we want to honour their lives and memories in a unique and dignified manner after they pass away. There are several things to do with the cremated ashes of your pet. For example, plant a tree in memory of your pet or scatter the ashes at your pet’s favourite places to preserve their memory.

In this article, we have highlighted some of the most popular things you can do in memory of your beloved pet.

1. Keep The Cremated Ashes in Your Home:

A few pet owners prefer to keep the ashes of their lost pets in their home and close to them. As more people are going for cremation instead of burial, there are many decorative urn options available to store the ashes and memorialise your pet. The urns are often displayed in the place where the pet once lived.

2. Bury the Cremated Ashes of Your Pet:

Many pet owners choose to bury the cremated ashes of their pets. It is a popular choice, and the ashes are usually buried in the pet owner’s yard, at the pet cemetery, or a special place for both the pet and the owner.

3. Scatter the Cremated Ashes:

Scattering the cremated ashes of a pet is one of the most popular things to do. The ashes are usually scattered on the favourite spots of the lost pet, such as camping or hiking spots, park, yard, etc.

It is essential to seek permission first if you are planning on scattering the ashes on public land. Pet owners choose to scatter as they believe that it is a good way of memorialising their pet as most pets love the outdoors.

4. Plant A Tree in Memory of Your Pet / Tree Memorial:

Options like planting a tree in memory of a loved one or planting a tree in memory of your pet are gaining popularity nowadays. There are biodegradable urns available in the market to store the ashes. Plant that urn and grow a memorial tree in loving memory of your pet.

According to pet owners, planting a tree in memory of a pet helps them deal with the sadness and grief of losing their beloved pets.

5. Water Burial:

Water burial has been a popular way of memorialising people for centuries, and now water burial is gaining popularity as an option for honouring pets. Water burial is done by scattering the cremated ashes in the ocean or any other waterway.

Most pet owners rent a boat and go out on the open ocean to perform a water burial for their beloved pet. The pet owners then perform a ceremony in memory of their pet.

6. Grow a Houseplant or Bonsai Tree:

There are many biodegradable urns available that give pet owners the flexibility of growing a beautiful bonsai tree or indoor houseplants from attractive biodegradable urns that hold the cremated ashes of the beloved pets.

7. Infuse the Ashes in a Glass Piece:

Nowadays, many companies allow pet owners to infuse the cremated ashes of their pet into a beautiful and decorative glass piece. It is a unique way of memorialising a pet, and the glass piece can include excellent colours and designs that can be kept with the owners forever.

This glass piece can be used as a decorative item or a centrepiece on a table, or place the glass piece on a particular spot in your home to remember your pet for years to come.

8. Infuse the Cremated Ashes in Jewellery:

If you search the internet, you will find plenty of options related to infusing jewellery with the ashes of a pet. Pet owners can put a part of their pet’s ashes into their necklace, bracelet, or you can even include the ashes in a diamond or any other gemstone. Ashes in jewellery is a great option, and the owners can wear the jewellery proudly in memory of their beloved pet.

9. Send the Cremated Ashes to Space:

Although it is not a cheap or the most affordable option to memorialise a pet, it is now possible to launch a pet’s ashes into space. In short, the ashes of a pet will be carried up to Near Space. Near Space is a region that is just above the atmosphere of the Earth, and the blackness of space is just above this region/

The ashes are scattered upon reaching Near Space, and those scattered ashes are driven by stratospheric winds that allow the ashes to circle the space. These ashes will eventually merge with the Earth’s atmosphere and fall back down in the form of rain or snow. The process is often recorded as a tribute to the pet.

At The Eternity Tree, there are many available options to memorialise a pet, and more unique ways to immortalise your pet’s memories are being discovered. Visit us for more options on ways you can keep the memory of your beloved closer.  

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