Where To Bury Cremated Ashes: A Brief Guide

In recent times, cremation has gotten much attention in the UK. Many of us become confused with what to do with the cremated ashes. While many families prefer keeping them in an urn, significant others bury them in different places. But not knowing where and how to bury them pose new challenges. So, if you are looking for the ways of where and how to bury cremated ashes, this brief guide will help you out.  

Where To Bury Cremated Ashes

The idea of burying cremated ashes and remains has changed over the past years. In the past, we used to interment remaining ashes in cemeteries, remembrance gardens, and woodlands. Well, people nowadays also do the same— but in different ways. 

Now you can turn your ashes into green saplings. No matter where you bury cremated ashes, you can plant a tree in memory of a loved one on top and let it provide necessary nutrients. Alternatively, you can put the ashes in a biodegradable urn and plant a tree in it. So, when the urn decomposes, it helps the tree to grow faster. And you can bury the urn wherever you like. 

However, you may opt-in for 3 basic options for urn burial in the UK.

1. Urn Burial In The Cemetery 

Cemeteries are the first choices for many UK residents. But you may need to bury the cremated remains inside a cremation urn vault, which is mandatory in many cemeteries. This protects the urn over time and helps keep the cemetery ground uneven. 

2. Biodegradable Urn Burial At Home Or In The Garden

Burying cremated ashes on your private property can be a good option. This way, you can also plant a memorial tree with ashes. With the cremated ashes placed in a biodegradable urn, you can plant a tree in memory of a loved one or your pet. To find out the best remembrance trees to plant in your garden, check this out. But before that, make sure you are permitted to do this. 

3. Burying Urns Out In the Wild

As for the third option, also a complex one, you can bury cremated ashes or scatter them out in the wild with permission. There are several national parks and forests where you can bury the ash as it is or in a bio urn. Alternatively, you can plant several trees with the help of any cost-effective funeral plan service provider in the UK.

How To Bury Cremated Ashes In An Urn?

Once you have picked your option, now it’s time to bury the ashes in the ground. Out of two options, either in an urn or without, you can choose any depending on your preferences and state rules. But if you decide to use an urn for this purpose, you should buy a biodegradable urn not to harm nature. Moreover, you can plant a tree on its top to help minimise the carbon footprints created during the funeral. 

So, if you want to bury the cremated ashes in an urn, follow the below steps— 

Step 1: 

Contact your funeral director or cemetery authority to learn about restrictions and regulations for urn burial.

Step 2: 

If you use an urn vault, make sure the hole is wider than 6” while the depth must be over 36”. Take your urn size into account when digging a hole. Keep a minimum 12” gap between the top of the urn and the ground. Don’t go too deep that makes you uncomfortable while placing the urn. Again, it shouldn’t be shallow enough to enable animals to disrupt it easily. 

Step 3: 

Now place the urn into the hole and take a moment to say some words before covering it with the dirt. Make it high as it will settle with the time. Otherwise, there might be a hole in the event of flood and rain. 

If you wish, you can mark it with a gravestone or something similar. In this age of technology, you can also track it with a GPS. To do so, use your phone’s location and note it down. 

Final Words

As cremation is becoming more popular in the UK, many funeral plan agencies offer cost-effective services. But if you want to bury cremated ashes all by yourself, the above points can help. Whatever you do, using a bio urn is recommended. As you can plant memorial trees in it, not only are you celebrating the memory with a new life but fighting climate changes as well.

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