Beautiful Memorials that save the planet

Beautiful Memorials that save the planet

Instead of saying goodbye...

The primary focus when your loved one is cremated is exactly what to do with the remains. The costs of memorials are becoming increasingly expensive and then there is the added cost of future rents and the burden they could create for the family. The fact remains that most families want a lasting memorial of their loved one, that can be seen and visited at any time.

What better way to create a lasting memorial than by planting a tree that can absorb the goodness from the ashes, creating a truly living memorial to their loved ones.

how The Eternity Tree works

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Step 1

Either speak to your funeral director, or call us directly, and explain that once you have your loved one’s remains you would like them converted into an Eternity Tree.

Sapling of the tree And a drop of water, and the morning light.

Step 2

Choose which tree or shrub you would like. We have 20 to choose from and all are home grown using native seeds in a Forestry Commission Approved facility.

Man hands planting the young tree while working in garden

Step 3

With the remains inside the urn, plant in the ground with your chosen tree on top. It’s that simple. We also provide, for a small fee, a professional planting service.

Then sit back and watch your loved one’s memorial grow before your eyes!

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the ashes become part of the tree

Our Green Funerals

So, The Eternity Tree began researching cremated remains. They found that ashes have an incredibly high pH level but at the same time contain calcium, potassium and phosphorous, essential in the growth of plants and trees.

However, the remains do not contain manganese, carbon, and zinc, which are important in plant and tree growth. Therefore, it is necessary to neutralise the high pH level, maximise the impact of the good nutrients and introduce missing nutrients if you want ashes to absorb into, and nurture, a tree.

Our Approach

Thus, The Eternity Tree developed the world’s first and only bio-neutralising urn. Made with seaweed, plant extracts and our proprietary ingredients, our urn is of a similar capacity to all other urns allowing the remains to be deposited inside in full. The seed then degrades within 3-6 months, depending on soil and weather conditions, neutralises the harmful elements of the remains and then nourishes and nurtures the chosen tree, helping it grow into a long-lasting, loving memorial.

Clients can choose from over 30 forestry commission approved saplings or shrubs, usually planting the urn and tree in their garden. All saplings are native to the country, are grown from seeds in Forestry Commission Approved facilities, free from disease and using absolutely no plastic in the process whatsoever.

So, now there is the opportunity to change mindsets and alter the way we view death.

No longer does death have to mean the end. Now, for the first time, we can see a loved one’s death as the start of something special…new life for the planet and hope. The Eternity Tree also plants four additional trees when someone purchases a product.

Just think, in ten years, those five mature trees will be providing valuable life to a planet in dire need of our love. Multiply that by 500,000 people, or 2,500,000 trees (thanks to The Eternity Tree) and you suddenly have a true memorial that leads to life for the planet and a reversal of climate change

our trees

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