10 Best Garden Plants For Pet Memorial

Losing a pet can lead to a devastating mental breakdown. It often resonates with the grief of losing a beloved family member or friends. In fact, pets are no less than our family members and friends. With undivided companionship, our pets hold a significant place in our heart.

Therefore, celebrating our four-legged companion’s life and mourning the loss need special attention. And what could be better than having a memory that lives and inspires bonding? In that case, you might want to plant a tree in memory of a pet, a viable way to keep the memory alive.

If you want to plant a tree in memory of a dog, cat, or even a bird, these ten trees could be the best choice. Not only do they fight climate change, but they keep you feeding on their memories through seasonal blooms.

10 Best Garden Plants for Pet Memorial:

Choosing the best memory tree for a funeral is essential. Planting a tree over a buried animal would require a different plant than planting a tree with its ash. Moreover, in order to let the trees thrive, there are certain aspects to consider. Not only has the optimal temperature for the trees, but the size of your garden needed consideration.

The most popular memorial trees for funeral are Oak, Apple, and Magnolia etc. Their appearance and blossoms symbolise hope and new life. They have vibrant colours to entertain the viewers and can reflect the joyful moment you spent with your pets. However, if your garden cannot accommodate large-scale trees, you have the option to go for shrubs. You can even cherish your pet’s memory by planting plants that fit well into your room and balcony.

Below are the 10 native and popular memorial plants for pets in the UK.

For large-scale garden, the most sought-after memorial trees are:

1.Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry, without a doubt, is the prettiest native tree with awesome blossom. It has vibrant red fruits that entertains the viewers and invites wild guests. This could be a symbol of the unconditional love you had for your pets.

2.Crab Apple

Enriched with colours that stay all-year-round, Crab Apple is an excellent fit for a medium-sized garden. However, its compact height allows it to thrive even in a small garden. With blossoms irresistible to enjoy, it can lift your spirits while commemorating the memory of your loving pet. It entertains the gardener with early blooms. Hence, Crab Apple is a good choice as a memory tree for the funeral of your pets.   

3. Oak

With a lifespan even of centuries, an Oak tree is a popular choice. This tree is known as the gentle giant and provides shelter and food for wildlife. Vibrant in colours during the fall and symbolises strengths and bonding.  

4. Field Maple

Smaller in size and stands still with its dark green leaves. Shiny like a diamond and looks fabulous in autumn colours. It is a good choice if you want to plant a tree in memory of a pet.

5.Norway Spruce

An evergreen conifer that grows super-fast with dark green foliage. Norway Spruce stands straight, and a pointed crown celebrates its triangular shape. Similar to ornamental trees, its cylindrical cones stage an excellent display for the garden. Lives for centuries and therefore can keep the memory of your pets alive through generations.

For gardens smaller in size and primarily for shrub types:

6. Gorse

Rich with colours and have a distinctive aroma. Mostly vanilla flavoured and with an essence similar to coconut, its vibrant yellow flowers entertain the beholders’ eyes.  It is a great shrub to decorate your landscape and, of course, memorialise your pets.

7. Dogwood

Unrivalled with its display of colours all year-round, Dogwood is one of the most famous memorial plants for pets in the UK. It blooms in colourful flowers and in spring, surpasses the definition of beauty.

8. Guelder Rose

Guelder Rose is a symbol of romanticism and bonding. With a striking display of colours, it puts a lovely show in spring. Resembling its various colours, this could be a perfect choice for your colourful birds, cats, or any other pets.

9. Juniper

A difference in blooming season has made this plant so unique in terms of the best memorial plants. It provides a cosy shelter to a variety of wild guests and food to the inhabitants. Juniper is an evergreen that puts a colourful display in winter – significantly different from others.

10. Variegatum

Suitable for small-sized gardens and even a good fit for a balcony or living room. This plant is famous for its colourful foliage that looks like flowers of colours. Besides, it is effortless to grow and take care of and is a good choice for memorial plants. If you want to plant a tree in memory of a pet with the remaining ash into a pot, this is the best choice.

Besides, here are some honourable mentions in case you want to explore diversity –

  • Box Plants
  • Spiraea
  • Rhododendron
  • Pieris
  • Mahonia
  • Photina

However, if you are not sure what plant will memorialise your pets in the best way, don’t hesitate to seek out help. Renowned companies are willing to help you find the best memorial plants for pets.

Final words:

Planting a memorial tree for pets is not a too-old or a very contemporary idea. However, it shows your love and compassion for your pets even after they are no more. There are specific issues to follow before planting or even choosing the best memorial plants for your pets. It needs to resonate with the attitude and spirit of your pets. So, if you want to plant a memory tree for the funeral of your pet, choose wisely. Otherwise, the memory will suffer instead of thriving and sprouting.

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