8 Reasons Why You Should Go With The Eternity Tree

The Promise of Eternity

Eternity is a promise to be kept,
For only those who have slept
And awakened green and lush,
Their swaying leaves make us blush,
And once more you remember,
How dear loved December
When the November rain dries
Off leaves that pray to the skies
You will have another year,
Spend it with your sweetest dear,
And when spring comes you know
Eternity flows, in budding new glow
Under the sun swaying to and fro.


Eternity is true all around us. You see it in the stars, and you see it in nature. The butterfly comes back over and over and follows the same path as its predecessors follow. The oceans churn waves that kiss the shore with the promise of more kisses. But the best example of the taste of eternity is probably the humble green tree. It lives long and then leaves a legacy of countless budding plants that in turn transform the world into Eden. So what are trees for life?

The Eternity Tree gives us a rare opportunity to truly live eternally, not just in memory but as living entities. Your beloved is turned into a plant that lives on and procreates. The tree changes with the seasons just like a living person does. And it grows strong and healthy if nurtured like a living person. Read on to know eight reasons why you should go with The Eternity Tree for yourself and your loved ones.

1. It Is The Cheapest Solution

Burial land is more expensive than regular land as the demand for it is high. It is sad to see that all alternatives to burying your loved one are considerably pricey too. As far as expense goes, the best solution is to turn your loved one into a tree. It is not only the most cost-effective solution, but it is also the most practical means of preserving the departed. Let us look at how going with The Eternity Tree is eco friendly and healthy.

2. Oxygen Supply For The Earth

An eternity tree is a living being that breaths in and out. The green embodiment of your loved one will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. It does a service to all living things and the earth.

Pollution is a massive contributor to climate change, and this is changing our earth rapidly in an inhospitable direction. Carbon emission is at an all-time high and this is making the temperature hotter than it is supposed to be. As a result, we face unbearable heat and even the icy beds in the north are melting. A single individual cannot fight global warming all by himself but he can inspire the world population to take the right path.

We need to plant as many trees as possible, and we need to nurture our plants so that they become healthy supplies of oxygen. Going with The Eternity Tree is a positive trend that exemplifies green culture. 

Having your loved one as the source of pure air for you to breathe is a beautiful thought. However, it is not the only reason why you should pick The Eternity Tree for yourself and for the ones who matter the most to you. Now let us move on to the next perk of preserving life in the form of a tree.

3. A Magical Gift

Mourning leads to a lot of depression, and the imagery of a loved one being trapped under soil does not help. It is more peaceful to know that the dearly departed is doing well and growing. And even if you have made your peace with the abrupt end to a beautiful life, your relatives may not be as strong. For them, An Eternity Tree is a perfect gift that will console the bleeding heart whenever memories flood. So, dedicate a tree in memory of a kind soul for a lasting memory. 

Give the gift of eternal companionship to your mother when your father dies. It might even be something that you are doing for a friend who lost someone precious. They will love caring for life instead of death. Plant a tree gift seems simple, but something so ordinary has never been more magical. Here is another reason why you should choose The Eternity Tree.

4. It Is The Closest Thing To Forever After

Living on is a strong desire that has been around since the dawn of mortality. It is constant regardless of religion, culture, and geography. In the Hindu culture, the desire for eternal life is brought into the everyday culture with the teaching of reincarnation. Christan and Islamic teachings stress the importance of the afterlife repeatedly. And immortality is a concept that has been romanticised in ancient beliefs across the globe. The truth is that even though numerous beliefs prophesied eternity, It still has not satisfied the craving for a tangible forever after. Can you live on after death with physical proof of life flowing through the cold passing of time?

The Eternity tree is a solution for the desire to live on. The tree that you or your loved one turns into lives a long life. And during that lifetime, the precious tree gives birth to many budding new plants. The stream of life goes on and on populating the earth with beautiful trees, and every last tree that grows will have the essence of your loved one within itself. What else makes The Eternity Tree the right choice? Let us move on to a few more reasons why we all should think green from life to death to life once more.

5. A Tree Is Much Less Depressing Then A Grave

Going to the graveyard is depressing as you see a lot of people crying at graves. You instantly feel that you must be sad for the person that you have lost. But the truth is that death is not about sorrow at all. It is something that should comfort you and give you the strength to live a long and fulfilling life. Here is how an eternity tree makes the death of a loved one therapeutic.

Instead of crying at the grave regularly, The Eternity tree gives you the scope to nurture life and see it flourish as you nurture it. Take care of your beloved tree regularly, and you will find that the one you have lost has become a source of peace and health.

The best part is when you see budding plants around the tree and wonder if life has passed on to live another long lifetime. Here is how you can be sure that your Beloved tree lives a long and healthy life.

6. Taking Care Of the Plant Is A Perfect Hobby

Taking care of plants is a therapeutic hobby that everyone should engage in to live a healthy and peaceful life. It is even more special when your plant was a dear person a few years back.

Studies have shown that trees grow to be healthier if you talk to the plant and sing to them regularly. Other than that, a Tree enjoys juicy nourishment that you can provide in the form of fertiliser. Finally, water your old friend’s soul well and make sure that it gets plenty of sunlight. You will find that a lot is going around the plant, and there will be a lot of creatures who will make your eternity tree their home.

7. It Creates An Ecosystem For Other Life

Make your children take part in taking care of your tree and make observations together. Insects, birds, and even squirrels might make your loved ones’ souls full of thriving life. Your kids will love learning about science and nature from the ecosystem that the loved and respected tree creates. Now let’s move on to a primary reason why The Eternity Tree’s solution is a higher truth.

8. Have Your Beloved Be Near You

This is one of the most important reasons why The Eternity Tree is preferred over all other solutions for the death of loved ones. You want your loved ones to be near you and that includes the souls that once filled your life with joy. Keep your loved ones close to you with the help of The Eternity Tree.

Final Thoughts

The Eternity Tree is the right choice for many reasons. For instance, it is healthy, eco friendly, and you get to keep your friend close to you. Life is a delicate cycle that never ends. It is up to you if you want your dear one’s life near you or not. I am sure you will make the right decision when it comes to yourself and your beloved one’s eternity.

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