How Do I Organise A Memorial Bench

Commemorating the fallen through a dedicated memorial bench is more comforting than anything else. But how do I organise a memorial bench in the UK— you may ask. And the concern is legitimate as for the growing population— the challenge is to locate a space. In this guide, you will know what memorial benches are for. We will also discuss how to locate a site, and what to consider when dedicating a memory bench. 

What Is A Memory Bench?

Memorial benches in public places connect strangers with the memory of the deceased, and they allow anyone to rest while moving to places. A memory bench is dedicated to places like cemeteries, public parks, and even private areas. 

Like any other usual benches, memorial garden benches offer sitting opportunities to anyone. However, the difference lies in the motive behind it. Death is inevitable, and our dear ones die when it’s time. But the memory lives in our heart, among us. To keep the memory alive for eternity, we do everything. Some plant trees in memory of loved ones, while many prefer memory benches in specific spots with expressive words engraved on them. However, you can carve your feelings for the lost soul directly on the timber or any steel plaques. 

How To Choose Memorial Benches In Public Places?

A memorial bench is a perfect place to sit and quietly reflect on the sweet memories you shared together. So, it has to be remarkable. And personalising it in your own way will cheer you up every time you see someone paying attention to it. 

Memorial bench UK comes in different shapes and materials. But primarily, you can choose among wood, metal, or plastic benches. Stone memorial benches are also good options and offer a great deal of durability. However, if your focus is more on how do I organise a memorial bench in the UK, consider the below sections. 

Choosing A Memorial Bench: Build Material

What is the best material for a memory bench? Many of us ask this question without understanding the terms of dedicating one to public parks and cemeteries. However, the type of bench you want to dedicate reflects your desire and the deceased’s vision. From a wide range of materials, you can choose timber benches. While Oak is the most favourite, Teak and Mahogany timbers are also seen here and there. Moreover, Teak timbers are quite tough and survive even the harshest weather. With regular maintenance, mahogany memorial benches can last longer. If you are looking for a hassle-free experience, teak timbers are the best options. But for British heritage, oak memorial benches UK have a special place in our heart. 

Another memorial bench option that is getting popular these days is plastic benches. Even though it’s not environmentally acceptable, recycled plastic benches help reduce plastic pollution to some extent. Alternatively, you can choose a metal bench that will last for decades with periodic maintenance. To keep your loved one’s memory alive for generations, you can dedicate a metal bench without hesitation. Stone benches also last longer but do not offer flexibility as timber and metal benches offer. But whatever material you choose, you can put your stamp on it in creative ways. Let’s find out how. 

Choosing A Memorial Bench: Personalisation 

Memorial benches carry the decreased one’s legacy through your selections. Hence, personalisation is vital. Without a plaque or personal stamp on the benches, they do not share the messages you want them to. So, to share the unique message you have for visitors, ensure you have it engraved or written in any format. 

The very basic idea of personalisation is to mention the name, the date of birth, death, and a few lines dedicated to the soul. Most of the personalisation begins with the phrase including—

In memory of…..

In remembrance of…..

Fond memories of……

Try to keep the message short. However, the local authority might allow you to personalise the memorial bench the way you want. But the design and specification need prior notification to the council and landowner. Contact your funeral director to seek advice. To get more ideas regarding permission, please read the below section.

Do I Need Planning Permission To Dedicate A Memorial Bench?

Yes, definitely!

You need to seek permission from the local authority before you set it up for success. Moreover, your quest for ‘how do I organise a memorial bench’ should revolve around planning permission first. Once you are granted permission, proceed with your plan. 

Usually, the local council and churchyard manager grants permission for memory benches in the UK. If you are planning to set it on private property, ask the landowner. Similarly, request the National Trust when you are up for a spot owned by a public body. Whomever you choose to request and seek permission, allocate a budget. With some luck, you may even find someone willing to give a space for you for free. 

Who will buy the bench is also a concern here, and we will discuss it below.

Who Will Buy The Memorial Bench?

When you are trying to dedicate a memory bench in the UK parks or cemeteries, the local council may ask you to provide the bench. There are exceptions as well where the authority will do it on your behalf. They will consider your liking and suggestion to supply the best memorial bench in the UK. You can add a plaque with messages written or engrave it creatively.

To keep your memorial bench in a good condition, regular maintenance is necessary. Consider hardwood for timber benches as they survive harsh weather quite comfortably. Buy best quality memory benches to carry the memory for generations.  

Final Words

The quest for how do I organise a memorial bench in the UK starts from deciding what you would want in the first place. Then the planning permission, selecting the design and materials, purchasing the bench, and finally installing it in the suitable places. While you can personalise the bench to highlight sweet memories you shared, allowing the visitors to learn more about the lost soul makes those memories more reminiscent..

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