How to Choose A Memorial Tree?

Planting a memory tree for loved ones is different from an epitaph. A memorial tree grows for years whilst an epitaph stands inanimate. Besides, seeing a tree in someone’s memory grow before eyes not only keeps the memory alive but significantly becomes a site of inspiration. With many companies offering cost-effective memorial trees UK, you can easily pick the right memory tree for your loved one.

A guide to choosing memorial trees for deceased loved ones:

If you look online, you will find numerous remembrance trees to plant. There is a memory tree for celebration of life and commemorating loss. To pick the best memorial trees, you need to consider a set of guidelines. It includes the region you live in to the persona of the deceased.

Apart from that, your garden size and issues that you may face in the years to come also need consideration. However, a perfect memory tree can be an unrivalled memorial phenomenon. Nothing can give you an everyday reminder than a good memorial tree with the change trees share as they grow. If you want to plant a tree in memory UK these are issues to consider:

1. A special tree for your special one:

It is all about your special one. The memory tree you are going to plant should have some connection with the person himself. It could be the name, likability, and even favourite colours. You can select one that suits the environment from the list of favourites and most adored trees. In this case, do not pick the one that does not resonate with his/her personality. Matching a memory tree with the person (and even a pet) intended will make it a special one. So, when you are choosing a memory tree, make sure it is special.

2. Take your available space and environment into account:

You certainly do not want to cut it down after a while. If you fail to choose the right memorial tree for planting, you will end up killing it. And with it, dishonouring the memory of the deceased. So, you must take the yard’s condition and the overall weather of your residency into account.  Otherwise, you may have to cut it down when it outgrows the premises.

Similarly, it may die due to harsh weather. To let the memory tree thrive, necessary measures are unavoidable. Everything needs to be considered earlier, from ensuring nutrients for growing saplings to allow it the space it needs. Many renowned companies offer consultation on what to plant in the memory of someone. Likewise, you may get the best memorial tree from them that suit all of your criteria.

3. Pick a relevant category of plants:

For memorial purposes, flowers could be the best choice. However, it depends largely on the person aiming for. So, it would be best if you looked for the specific category he/she was fond of. For people with a strong personality, it could be large trees that stand tall and live for years. Similarly, flowers or trees with colourful foliage for persons with artistic minds.

However, flowers can be a great choice both for your lovely pets and your family members. Flower plants bloom throughout the year and, thus, revitalise your memories.

4. Cheap trees are not always the best option:

You may think of turning the whole yard into a garden by planting many trees. Therefore, looking out for cheap trees is not too uncommon. But, with inadequate nutrients, your plants may not grow well. Some of them may die, leaving you mourning again. Hence, it is better not to buy and plant cheap memorial trees.

You can search for a healthy memorial tree in the local nursery. If that is a problem for you, look into the internet, and a quick search with memorial tree planting near me will help. Many online companies offer customised tree planting for someone’s memory at affordable rates. You may put the remaining ashes into the pot or urn and turn memory ashes into trees. 

On the other hand, you can ask a green funeral company to plant trees for a tiny memorial garden. The Eternity Tree plants 30 trees on your behalf with the purchase of their funeral plan. Remarkably, their green funeral plan is inexpensive than any other companies around.

Final Thoughts:

The size of your memory tree is something to be cautious about before buying a memorial plant. Then you must focus on the climate that affects the growth and sustainability of your plant. It will break your heart once again if your memory tree dies before your eyes. Plant a tree in memory of your loved one or pet that resonates with their personality. It will more likely cheer you up during the blooming. Besides, it will create a bond that feeds your soul and inspires humanity. 

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