Best Memorial Trees For Deceased Loved Ones UK

For many years, relatives and friends have found comfort in cherishing the memory of deceased ones. Either in a memorial urn or in some other way, they have carried the ashes with them. And only in the last few years, memorial tree planting has gained immense popularity. The confusion about the best memorial trees for deceased loved ones UK has also gone up with it. To eliminate the level of confusion and help you find the best memorial trees UK, we have put together some of the best memory plants along with a brief guide about how to plant them and where to plant them.  

How To Find The Best Memorial Trees For Deceased Loved Ones In The UK?

Choosing a suitable memory tree is quite challenging. Not only does it require the perfect category of trees but demand fair weather and spot as well. On top, the persona of the deceased loved ones plays a crucial role. Let’s find out what makes memorial tree planting so complex.

1. For Whom You Are Planting?

Different people possess different personalities. If you fail to find the best match, you cannot get mental satisfaction. To plant a tree in memory UK, get personal. Revisit the memories, determine the type of his/her personality. Below are some common facts that will get a quick grip—

Father Figure 

And for those heroic characters in our life, what is best suited than an Oak tree? With solid trunk and sky-high branches, it resonates well with people with responsibilities and strong personalities. They can be our father, grandfather, or anyone who holds a father figure in our lives.. Someone who has guided you like a father obviously deserves something special.

Oak Tree

Love & Affection

People who have adored us throughout their life can be celebrated with trees like Wild Cherry and Crab Apple Tree. Loved ones, including our mother, grandmother, aunt, and whoever has a special place in our heart, deserve a tree that bursts with flowers in season.  

Life & Reliability

Consider the Rowan tree if you want to dedicate a tree with plaque for someone who has supported you during tough times. Celebrated as a tree of life in the Celt culture, it will give you comfort seeing the tree grow and give life to other living things.  

Softness & Purity

Star Magnolia Tree is famous for its essence of purity and softness. So, for any deceased souls who were kind-hearted and soft, this is a good option. Plant a tree in memory UK to remember the loved one’s kindness and pass it to successive generations. 

Protection & Shelter

In our life, we come in contact with certain people who protect us from harm. They dedicate their lives to our safety and comfort. Our fathers, brothers, and husbands are such souls and deserve a tree that symbolises protection. Elder tree fits the profile and is a logical option to commemorate our saviour. 

Elder tree

2. Size Of The Garden

An Oak tree won’t fit a small garden. Similarly, a box plant won’t look great in an open field. Hence, your garden’s size matters when finding the best memorial trees for deceased loved ones UK. Let’s find some common plants that we can plant in our garden— ranging from big to small. 

For spacious and extensive gardens, the most sought-after trees are:

Oak: The father of all trees, Oak is the best choice for any extensive garden. Stands tall and lives for centuries; this can carry the love for deceased one for generations.

Wild Cherry: Wild Cherry is a special tree for anyone’s memory with flamboyant fruits and fantastic blooms. 

Crab Apple: Crab Apple is ideal for big to small gardens as it has a compact height. Vibrant in colour, this tree blooms early and entertains the viewers all year round. 

Field Maple: With its dark green foliage and diamond-like outfit in the autumn, Field Maple is best for your loving pet or anyone close to you.

Best for any small or medium-sized gardens:

Grose: Known for its distinctive aroma, Grose fits perfectly in a more miniature garden. The yellow flowers are noticeable even from a long distance. Aside from celebrating the memory of the fallen, it elevates your property’s looks.

Dogwood: Dogwood is very famous in the UK for its colourful display all year round. An ideal choice for the small gardens.

Guelder Rose: Symbolising romanticism and bondings, Guelder Rose enhances the beauty of the gardens. Featuring colourful outfits, it attracts, entertains, and stirs up the emotion of the beholder. 

Guelder Rose

Juniper: When every other tree loses its charm in winter, Juniper comes to display with evergreen foliage. Invites wild guests and offers shelters to them in the harsh winter.

Variegatum: Portable, colourful, and ready to be fitted in any space, Variegatum is one of the best memorial trees for planting in a small garden in the UK.

3. What To Look For When Buying Memorial Trees For Deceased Loved Ones UK?

When you are buying a memorial plan online, make sure it serves your purpose. Otherwise, instead of honouring the memory of the deceased loved ones, it might make them an object of ridicule. Let’s see what to look for when dedicating a tree with plaque.

Choose Something Special

A special tree for someone special. To celebrate the memory of the deceased, buy a memorial plant that best suits the person. We have discussed how to select a tree based on the personalities above. Please consider planting something special despite the budget constraints. 

Consider Flowering Trees

Flowering trees are the best as they help joyfully revitalise the memory. So, when it blooms, you find the memory outbursting with affection and love.

Planting Opportunities

As discussed above, do not plant a tree in your tiny garden if it’s suitable for a wide-open space. Buy a tree that fits perfectly in the garden and does not affect the house so that you might have to cut it down later.

Additional Features 

When buying a memory tree online, make sure it comes in good shape and has essential nutrients. If you want to plant the tree with cremation ashes, talk to the tree provider. Do not let it hamper the way you want to preserve the memory of the deceased. 

Final Words

Planting memorial trees for deceased loved ones UK comes with responsibilities. As you want to set it up for success, you cannot overlook even a single phase, from selecting the best trees to planting them ideally. Hence, it becomes challenging. However, identifying the personalities, considering garden size, and remaining alert while buying the memory tree can help you find the best memorial trees for your loved ones in the UK.

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