Memory Tree Ideas For Deceased Loved One

Death is universal, and nobody can escape it. Someone so close to us can be so far away in a blink of an eye. But the memory lives— for eternity. And commemorating someone’s memory is never so brilliant as planting the memory tree

However, it requires fantastic ideas to keep the legacy running. And you cannot successfully celebrate someone’s memory when you don’t have memory tree ideas. 

Do not worry as in this guide— you will get some brilliant memory tree planting ideas. Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, or even occasional/memory Christmas tree ideas, you will find creative ideas to keep the memory alive for generations.  

Before we get started with memorial tree ideas, let’s find out why planting a memory tree for a deceased one is a great idea.

Why Should You Plant a Memorial Tree In Memory Of Someone?

Ever walked between the woods, looking at their branches at the top? If you do, then you already know it feels divine. Now imagine one of the trees was planted by you. And it is now fully grown and sheltering birds, supporting natural causes. I can already feel the thrill. Do you get it too?

So, planting a memorial tree in memory of someone is not just keeping the memory alive, but you are celebrating it with every possible opportunity. Yes, it does have a positive impact on the environment. And that’s very kind of you. 

But deep down in your heart, you feel the presence of your loved one when it breezes or a bird chirps sitting on the branches. If you dedicate a memory bench along with the tree, it can never be so fascinating. Now you can not only let the memory thrive but allow yourself to reflect on sweet memories you shared while sitting on the bench. 

Wondering what memorial benches are the best to dedicate? Read our guide on how to organise a memory bench in the UK.

Brilliant Memory Tree Ideas For Deceased Loved One

Memory trees can be planted either indoor or outdoor. However, indoor plants tend to be smaller in size and primarily ornamental. On the other hand, you can plant shrubs or even enormous Oak trees in someone’s memory in any outdoor environment.

Well, there are so many people who plant trees. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? How would you feel so special about your tree? How do you add memory tree tags with it? What to look for when planting memorial trees in the UK? Let’s find out.

1. Take Your Garden Size Into Account

Your garden size comes into play when planting a memorial tree outdoors. Trees like Grose, Dogwood, Guelder Rose, Juniper, and Variegatum fit perfectly for a miniature garden. Oak, Wild Cherry, Crab Apple, and Field Mapple would be great if you have open spaces. You can also plant memory trees in local parks or even private properties with permission. However, plant a memory tree in memory of a dog or your loved one by considering the space available.

2. Select The Tree Type 

Trees come in different shapes and sizes. Once you have finalised the size of the tree, make sure it reflects the personality of the deceased. For example, the Oak tree symbolises fatherly protection. On the other hand, Wild Cherry and Crab Apple tree highlight the love and affection for the lost soul. Plant a Star Magnolia tree to celebrate the purity and softness of the deceased. Wondering what would be the best memorial tree for your husband? Plant an Elder tree that symbolises protection and shelter. 

3. Add Cremation Remains

Many of us struggle with the cremated remains as to what to do with them. Well, you have multiple options. Either you can stray them in the woods, over a waterfall, or even carry them with you in a locket or ring. However, you can add the ashes at the base of a memory plant, and it will supply essential nutrients to the growing sapling. At The Eternity Tree, we call it “Turning Ashes Into Trees.” You can get more ideas about what to do with cremated remains here.

4. Donate A Memory Tree To Local Church Or Park

If you have little or no space at all in the garden for a new tree, then you should donate it to a local church, park, or school. But it will require permission from the authority and luckily, most parks accept memory trees as a donation. Wondering where to plant a memory tree near me? Find them here.

5. Gift A Tree To The Grieving Family

One of the best memory tree ideas could be gifting one to a grieving family. Purchase a memory tree and carry it with you to the mourning family members. They will undoubtedly find it comforting enough. Once someone is lost, it becomes difficult to cope with the loss in the first few days. Read our guide on how to cope with the loss of someone.

6. Living Urn

The latest in the funeral industry, you can use a living urn to plant memory trees in it. As they are biodegradable, you are doing a great favour to the environment. Put the ashes in it and then plant a small indoor tree. Keep it near you to revitalise the memory every day. 

Final Words

A memory tree for funerals offers a great deal of comfort to the grieving family and friends. They find something to hold onto while the memory shifts from person to image on the wall. Plant a memory tree in memory of your dear one to keep it alive. As trees live for decades, this is the best option to share the legacy through generations. 

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