How to Plant a Tree in Memory UK for Your Loved Ones!
Planting a memorial tree is a great and environmentally friendly way of remembering a loved one – family member, friend, or pet, whom we have lost to death. In this guide, Eternity Tree will explain how you can dedicate a tree in memory and where you can plant a tree in memory UK. We will also explain the rules and options available to plant a tree in memory.

What is a Memorial Tree?

A memorial tree, also commonly known as a tribute tree, is a way of paying homage to a loved one in a peaceful and environmentally friendly way. People plant a tree in memory of their deceased loved ones. The memorial tree is usually seen as a lasting symbol of life. It also gives friends and family a place where they can visit and remember the loving memory of their beloved ones.

Are you choosing the right Memorial Tree?

If you are thinking about planting a memory tree for your loved ones, then you will have to choose the type of tree you want to plant. We have already written a detailed blog on the 5 Best Memorial Trees for your loved ones. But in case you feel a little lazy, we have also given a little summary below: The most common memorial trees are:
    • Oak:

The oak tree is a symbol of knowledge and strength.
    • Dogwood:

The Dogwood tree is known to represent determination, kindness, and stability.
    • Silver Birch:

Silver Birch is a symbolic representation of hope, a new beginning, and regeneration.
    • Rowan:

Rowan tree means protection and inspiration.
  • Wild Cherry:

People believe that the Wild Cherry teaches us to appreciate the moments we shared with our loved ones.

Where Can I Plant a Tree in Memory UK?

You can plant a tree in memory on public or private lands, but you will have to ask the landowner for permission first. The land can belong to a private owner, organisation, or local authorities. You can bury or scatter the cremated ashes of your loved one with the tree. Before considering scattering the ashes of your loved one while you plant a tree in memory of them, make sure that you have the proper rights to do so. You must consider the place where you want to grow the memorial tree. If you are planning on planting the memorial tree on private land, then think carefully. There is no surety that you will be allowed to visit if the current owner sells the land. The best place to plant a tree in memory of your loved one is to grow it in a place where you can quickly and regularly visit. For example, plant the memory tree somewhere closer to your home. Or plant the memory tree in a place that held significance in the life of the deceased. Many people want to dedicate a tree in memory of a close person or pet but cannot do so due to a lack of space. In that case, you can donate the money to an organisation or group that will plant a memorial tree on your behalf. Such organisations or groups usually work to save forests and conservation areas. However, all these organisations have rules of their own, so make sure to ask them before giving them the money.

How Can You Plant a Tree in Memory UK for Your Loved Ones?

There are five ways in which you can plant a tree in memory in the UK. These are:
    • Plant a tree by yourself:

Planting a tree by yourself is an excellent way of grieving the loss of your loved one. Plant a tree in memory by yourself in the garden or in the nearby park. You will remember the time you spent with the person or pet every time you see that tree.
    • Share the love at the memorial service:

It is an excellent way of keeping the memories of your loved one alive in your mind. Share memorial trees with the friends and family members attending the memorial service to show appreciation. The memorial tree will remind people of the memories of the deceased every once in a while.
    • Plant a tree where it is most needed:

Many organisations plant trees to restore the forests and national parks. Plant a memorial tree in a place where it can contribute to the betterment of the world. You will feel at peace knowing that the tree planted in memory of your loved one is helping the environment.
    • Plant a tree with the cremated ashes:

Scattering the cremated ashes or burying them in an urn with the tree is an excellent way of paying tribute to the memories of your loved one through the growth of the tree planted in their memory.
  • Gift a memorial tree to someone:

At the memorial service, many people offer their condolences with flowers. Although it is a beautiful gesture, the flowers wither and die within a few weeks. So, instead of offering condolences with flowers, gift a memorial tree to the family or friends. This memorial tree will help them cherish the memories of the deceased. You can also include a personalised message with the memorial tree. This unique personalised message can be displayed near the tree. You can write down a happy memory or anything you like on the note. The message will help you remember the bond you shared with the loved one whom you have lost.

Last Words

Grieving the death of a loved one is never easy and moving on feels impossible. But after a certain time, we come to terms with our feelings and pain. Plant a tree in memory of your loved ones so that even if time passes and days turn into years, you can look at the tree and remember them.

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