The Tree: Ancient Symbolism of Eternal Life Across Cultures

The tree is a prominent symbol in many cultures all over the world. Long ago, people associated the tree with the divine. It has also been a symbol of what comes after death. The Eternity Tree is the manifestation of ancient and sacred beliefs beyond life.

Let us look at some symbolic meanings of the tree across the current and ancient world. You will see that becoming a tree after death and living on has been a dream of or ancestors for thousands of years.

Tree Symbolism Across Different Cultures


In India, trees are well respected, and there is a lot of symbolic significance that associates the green tree with nirvana or enlightenment. We all know about Buddha and how he meditated under a tree to achieve enlightenment.

Aesthetically, if we see the portrait of Buddha sitting under a tree, decoding the meaning is simple. You find the frail Buddha meditating regardless of mortal suffering. The passage of his mind to a higher place is represented by the tree behind rising to the skies. 

Similarly, The Eternity Tree also represents the transformation of the mind to a higher and more peaceful state.


The Druids had a rich culture, and they had a unique language. The language was used to create sacred text with a very special sort of Alphabet. Letters in the alphabet were designed based on the shape of trees. It was a truly beautiful way of writing.

The druids understood the significance of the tree and used it symbolically to communicate on a sacred level. 

The Eternity Tree tries to do the same by creating trees that bear spiritual significance. However, instead of tree-shaped letters, actual trees relay a sacred message.


The ancient Chinese culture associated trees with spirits that were once human. The souls of people became trees for life and were able to interact with the mortal realm. Other than that, they also thought that all sorts of deities reside in trees. For this reason, trees are treated with a great deal of respect. 

Furthermore, trees that are close to the tombs of people who were adored were protected. The trees that were near temples got even more special treatment as they had spiritual significance. 

Ancient Chinese beliefs and the whole purpose of The Eternity Tree resonate. It is like The Eternity Tree actualised the faith of the ancient Chinese into reality. Today trees can truly be the next step in the passage of life just how the ancient people believed.

Other Symbols in Different Religions

  • Christians, Hebrews and Zoroastrians are monotheistic people who have their differences in the way they believe and pray to the only higher being. However, they all follow teachings that derive from the Tree of Life.
  • The old Celts and Norse religions consider the Oaktree sacred. And in The old Germanic beliefs, the lime tree was considered sacred too.
  • There are many religions in the Indian subcontinent that still practice paying respect to sacred trees.

Regardless of the location or religion, It is obvious that mankind understood the significance of the tree long ago. However, we are starting to drift away from our old traditions. It is evident in atrocious acts of deforestation. But The Eternity Tree wants to bring back the practice of loving trees from being just a lasting memory. It wants to set the trend and reestablish culture that promotes tree plantation. Furthermore, it emphasises that trees are respect-worthy living beings by associating human life in the equation.

Final thoughts

We all have something to learn from The Eternity Tree and how it is bringing back pure and respectful culture that our ancestors practised. No one else in the world will allow you to become a seed of life that lives on even after death.

For the sake of the earth, humanity and our ancestors, We must make things right, and partnering with The Eternity Tree is an important step towards redemption. Life after death is not a myth anymore. It is now scientifically possible and at the disposal of the good people of the UK. Your living and tangible presence as a beautiful tree will demand the love and respect of not only your friends and family but also society and the whole world.

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