Where Can I Plant A Memorial Tree Near Me
Death adds a painful memory to a bereaved family.. The emptiness death leaves in the life of the family and friends can only be perceived by those who have lost someone close to their hearts. To close the gaping hole left in our hearts, we take different measures to fill the blank space and memorial tree planting is one of them. But where can I plant a memorial tree near me? How do I know it’s in safe hands and serving the cause? Yes, we might have questions like these. Here, we’ve put a comprehensive list of places where you can plant a tree in memory of someone. Also, we have discussed some options who plant trees on your behalf with small donations made.  

Why Should You Plant A Tree In Memory Of Someone?

Planting a memorial tree does more than keeping the memory alive. It benefits nature and helps reduce the carbon footprint produced during cremation.  Global carbon emission has increased at an alarming rate. Over the decades, it is increasing rapidly, and even though in a small amount, cremation is contributing to the rise of global warming.
To reduce the volume, we should come forward. And tree plantation is one of the most effective ways we can help muzzle the uprising graph. Besides, tree plantation has a great effect on the mind in terms of celebrating the memory and strengthening the bonding for generations. But before you plant any tree, make sure you are doing it for the sake of nature. Also, reflect on the personalities of the deceased and plant the best one to make it remarkable. 

Where Can I Plant A Tree In Memory In The UK?

Various sites across the UK offer tree plantation facilities. Some are doing it for charity purposes while you can find a spot to plant a tree for a small fee. However, the government of the UK supports the cause in and out. Besides, many private organisations have come up with brilliant ideas for helping residents plant trees nationwide.  Additionally, some creative funeral companies have outstanding memorial tree plantation packages. They offer affordable memory tree planting depending on the values and preferences. Apart from choosing national parks and forests, you can plant a tree in memory of someone in your garden or premises.  Below are some spots that might answer “Where Can I Plant A Memorial Tree Near Me” in London without bringing any hassle with them.  


If you are living in Birmingham, you can dedicate a memorial tree by collaborating with the local authority. Choose any native tree or some ornamental trees that honour the memory of the deceased. You also have the freedom to install benches nearby.

East Anglia

Dedicate a special tree in memory of your loved one in the wilderness of East Anglia. Add a plaque to highlight your love for the deceased.


Contribute to the city’s biodiversity with trees planted in the woodlands. Dedicate and plant a tree in London to commemorate your loved one.
Memorial Tree Near Me


Dedicate your memory tree to the parks and woodlands of Camden and help nature thrive.


Plant a tree in memory of someone in Hackney and see your loved one’s memory grow right before your eyes. If you are wondering where I can plant a memory tree near me, explore the local spots in Hackney.

Regents Park

Very welcoming for a pet lover, Regents Park has it all needed to celebrate the memory of your pet. Dedicate benches and make the memory everlasting in collaboration with the Zoological Society of London Zoo.


Inscribe your feelings on a plaque and plant a tree in memory of someone along with a bench dedicated in Richmond


Westminster offers a range of parks, cemeteries, and gardens to dedicate a memorial bench as well as trees for the residents. 


Planting a memory tree for someone close to the heart can be of great relief. Celebrate the memory of the loved one or pet in unique ways. Plant a tree in an urn or directly on the ground in Yorkshire to make the memory alive forever.

The Best Way To Plant A Memory Tree

Planting a memorial tree can be tricky. It has to be the reflection of the deceased, be it the personalities or what they adored most. Before you purchase any memory tree, make sure you are following the below checklist.

Final Words

People die but memories live on for centuries, be it in the form of storytelling or a memorial. To make it everlasting, memorial tree planting can be the best option given that our natural environment is at stake. As forests and woodlands are decreasing fast due to rapid urbanisation, many people ask where can I plant a memorial tree near me. We’ve pointed out some prime spots in London where dedicating a memory tree is feasible. To get more ideas and assistance, do not forget to ask the experts.  

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