Where Do You Plant A Tree In Memory Of Someone?

Planning a service for someone dear to you can be difficult. A handful of hours is not enough to celebrate the life of someone so important to you. With the emerging number of burial alternatives, it is often hard to decide the type of service you want to organise. How about considering planting a memorial tree for a funeral instead of the traditional service? It will be a unique and eco-friendly tribute to your loved one; don’t you think so?

Planting a memory tree will still be worthwhile alongside a traditional funeral, for you can often visit your loved one just like you could when they were alive.

If you are convinced about a remembrance tree, firstly you need to craft a proper plan. Follow our guideline below to know the steps you need to consider:

Research Local Programs and Best Service Providers

First things first, find out if there is any local program: many UK areas have established programs to dedicate trees in memory of a loved one. Searching government websites can help you to know if there is any local program established in your area or not. 

In most cases,  funeral service providers suggest the type of trees you can select and where to plant them. Some providers only allow you to choose the tree while others provide flexibility on where you want them planted. Only the most professional Eternity Tree providers listen to your heart carefully and design and execute their plan accordingly.

City Regulations

Look for the city regulations to not violate laws while you are paying tribute to your loved ones. Some local authorities and communities will allow you to be indulged in the whole process of planting a tree while others will only let you involve in certain degrees.  

Consider the Cost of a Memorial Tree

The cost of planting a memorial tree can widely vary based on your requirements; type of trees you want to plant, where to plant it and more. Make sure you buy a tree big enough to have a higher likelihood of survival. 

Locations to Plant a Memorial Tree

There are locations reserved by your local authority to plant a tree in memory of your special one, however, check here to know about sites and permissions you need to obtain in order to plant a memory tree in the close proximity of your home or on the property of a family member.

The Best Memorial Tree for Your Loved One

Picking a tree in memory of a loved one won’t be easy. If your loved one had any particularly preferred tree type, the job is easy for you, but if he or she never expressed a preference, it’s difficult, isn’t it?  

Moreover, not every type of tree can be dedicated as geography plays a vital role. You need to reflect beforehand that the type of tree you are selecting as a remembrance tree is compatible with the weather of the area you live in.

Plan the Planting Service or Ceremony

The number of people you should invite depends largely on whether you are only hosting a memory tree planting service or a funeral reception or both. You might go for an obituary, open-mic speeches, playing a tribute video or a candle lighting ceremony for memorial tree services

Plant the Tree

You need a complete projection before you start the process of planting a tree in memory of a loved one. You need to mark the local utility lines, predict if the mature tree root will cause damage things below the ground or if the branches will obstruct the sightline or interfere with electrical wires; take all these factors under consideration even before you start!  

Are you confused about the specifics of the remembrance tree? Consult with experts for they will guide you keeping your locations and requirements in mind.  

Taking Care of the Tree 

Planting a memory tree is not something you do and forget. Trees require proper care: pruning, watering and protection from pets and more to survive. A professional should lead you through the complete process by providing specific instructions on how to plant and care for your tree.

Just like us, every tree is different and necessitates a broad type of care. Some trees cannot survive in constant wet weather while others flourish even in areas with an abundance of saline water. Bio-neutralising Urn, advanced technology to help you manage your memory tree smartly, can also be something you can consider if you feel nurturing a tree until its fully grown overwhelming.     

Although managing a tree sounds demanding initially, a healthier tree if grown to its maturity will be around for generations to come. A visit once in a while will make you feel reminiscent.  

Final Thoughts

Planting memory trees for a funeral is a brilliant way to honour the death of a dear one. By nurturing a new life, you help all of us remember once again that despite the grief of losing a loved one, life carries one! By planting and nurturing a memory tree, you are ensuring the legacy of your favourite one continues long after they are gone.

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