Which Memorial Tree Should You Choose: A Guide

A memorial tree is a form of remembrance to celebrate the life of your deceased loved ones. It helps give friends and family some emotional comfort when they are feeling lonely without their loved ones. Planting a memory tree for funerals at one of their fondest places would not only be a lasting symbol of life for the loved one you have lost but also be a way to help humanity in general and the environment in particular.

There is a wide variety of remembrance trees you can choose from, and depending on your requirements we hope to help you choose the perfect one for you. It is crucial that you select the perfect tree depending on the longevity of the tree and location it is going to be planted since some may burden future generations with their growth and size.

You can plant a tree that will grow big and tall and be seen miles away and last for a hundred years, an everlasting symbol of life, or you can plant flora to enrich the beauty of a particular place for a short or long period of time. Since it is a tree, it would obviously need your care so that it can enjoy its full lifespan.

It isn’t compulsory to just plant a tree. If you want you can grow tiny plants or bushes to create an orchard full of life.

There are many potential sites to plant a tree in memory in the UK, such as churches, crematories or even national parks. However, keep in mind that these places may already have a procedure set in place regarding the tree selection and the tree’s location.

plant a tree in memory in the UK

Rather than planting a tree, you can also choose cremation tree pods.

Tree urns are a very creative way of paying homage to the significant one you have lost. It’s a truly unique way of turning death into a new life. Not only is it an environment-conscious method, but it is also a way of keeping the deceased close by in a healthy way. A cremation tree pod contains a seed, soil, the necessary nutrients to allow the plant to grow, and ashes of the departed.

The urn is biodegradable and in time as the roots grow to hold onto the ashes, the urn decomposes to form a part of the land where the tree pod was planted. The whole package costs considerably less than a burial or general cremation. The kit comes with the urn, coco peat, vermiculite, and planting instructions.

You may get either a seedling or a seed depending on the package you purchase. You can also buy them ahead of time for family members or even for yourself. This process is very eco-friendly and is a piece of cake to execute. Watch as the plant grows and flowers blossom, knowing that it is a part of your loved one.

An alternative to the tree pods is maybe living urns that already have a young plant growing. It is the first cremation urn for planting and it is environment-friendly since it is made up of biodegradable matter that is kept inside a bamboo shell. It is an extraordinary way to memorialise your loved ones. Even though it has an intricate design, planting it is essentially not a demanding task. You can choose the seedling you want from various plants from Chestnut, English Oak, Cherry, Maple, Willow, Rowan trees to Corse, Rose Hip, Dogwood shrubs and many more.

The urn is delivered during the growing season to ensure healthy growth of the trees. The whole package contains an Eternity Seed, a neutralizing agent and poured on top of the ashes of the deceased, soil mix, wood chips, and instructions.

Eternity bio-neutralising urn is also a viable choice for your deceased pets. Just like the tree urns you have used for your loved ones, there are smaller urns for the pets whom you have lost. You can plant a smaller plant or tree or even a flowering bush to honour your pet in the same area as the family in those urns. They are of low cost, are fully biodegradable and bring positive impact on the environment.

The package includes the Eternity bio-neutralising urn, made with seaweed, plant extracts and proprietary ingredients that have the capacity to decompose fully. The Eternity Seed needs to be bought, and you can find it very easily from a nearby nursery. All you have to do then is plant the ashes along with the type of tree, shrub, or flower that you like in the ground or a pot and watch the plant grow with care. 

There are a couple of problems you might face using this method of remembrance, and the one that stands out the most is the death of the tree which was meant to be an everlasting symbol of life. However, to help increase the tree’s chances of growing in ash, the brewers produced the system to cater to the plant’s every need so that they do not suffer. Saplings are also used rather than seeds to make sure the tree has the best chance to grow. 

Moreover, according to experts, one of the most common causes of the plant’s death is over-care. A good thing to help this through is to make a routine with an arborist’s help so that you don’t overwater your precious tree.

If you are looking for a remembrance tree, an English Oak tree is arguably the best choice for you. However, other native trees such as Apple tree, Scot’s Pine, Fir, Larch, Silver Birch can also serve the same function. Choose a plant wisely with a high longevity so that it can carry on the legacy of your loved ones and pets!

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