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Turning Ashes Into Trees

The Eternity Tree Limited is a global, eco-friendly organisation with offices in London, UK and New York in the United States. Our aim is to give grieving customers a low-cost, environmentally-friendly option at a time when memorial costs are rising. We have designed a unique urn that breaks down within 3 months of planting and not only neutralizes the hazardous pH level of ashes but also nourishes the tree roots, providing the perfect environment for a tree to grow into a healthy, living memorial benefiting not only relatives but the planet as a whole. Over 90% of all deaths in the western world now result in cremation. Half of those cremations leave the bereaved relatives with the difficult question of what to do with the remains. We help with that decision. Our planet is constantly under threat from our current carbon footprint. The Eternity Tree converts loved one’s remains into a rich compost that nurtures a sapling into a mature tree which will feed our planet with oxygen for hundreds of years to come, whilst also providing a lasting, local memorial for family and friends to visit for decades.

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