Why Choose The Eternity Tree?

We developed The Eternity Tree to satisfy a glaring need in society today.

Firstly, over nine out of ten deaths now lead to a cremation. In the UK alone, that is 450,000 sets of cremated remains each and every year. With that in mind, what choices are there so that relatives can provide a fitting memorial for their loved one. Scattering has always been the preferred option. However, once the remains are scattered, your loved one is GONE. Plus, with the knowledge we now have about our fragile eco-system, the process of scattering is obviously now detrimental to our future survival.

Secondly, there are memorial plots. However, current costs are rocketing and the prospect of burdening future generations of the family with ground rents is off-putting.

In days gone by, many people chose to place the remains in a decorative urn on their sideboard, however the younger generations now see that as morbid and therefore this option is quickly going out of fashion. Other options also include turning remains into trinkets, etc.


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