Plant a Tree in Memory of a Pet

Your Pet

Our pets are not just animals to us; they become an integral part of our family and provide love and dedication that gives them such a special place in our hearts. When they pass, the level of grief is virtually on a par with human loss, and in some cases even more.

The Eternity Tree for Pets is a beautiful way to remember your pets, honour them and at the same time honour the planet that helped give them life.

The Eternity Tree began researching cremated remains. They found that ashes have an incredibly high pH level but at the same time contain calcium, potassium and phosphorous, essential in the growth of plants and trees. However, the remains do not contain manganese, carbon, and zinc, which are important in plant and tree growth. Therefore, it is necessary to neutralise the high pH level, maximise the impact of the good nutrients and introduce missing nutrients if you want ashes to absorb into, and nurture, a tree.

How it Works

So, now there is the opportunity to honour your beloved pet and provide an everlasting memorial both for your pet and the planet; the start of something special…new life for the planet and hope for future generations. The Eternity Tree also plants four additional trees in selected forests and woodlands.

Just think, in ten years, those five mature trees will be providing valuable life to a planet in dire need of our love. Multiply that by 500,000 people, or 2,500,000 trees (thanks to The Eternity Tree) and you suddenly have a true memorial that leads to life for the planet and a reversal of climate change.

Neutralising Urn

We work alongside The National Trust

Thus, The Eternity Tree developed the world’s first and only bio-neutralising urn. Made with seaweed, plant extracts and our proprietary ingredients, our urn is of a similar capacity to all other urns allowing the remains to be deposited inside in full. The seed then degrades within 3-6 months, depending on soil and weather conditions, neutralises the harmful elements of the remains and then nourishes and nurtures the chosen tree, helping it grow into a long-lasting, loving memorial.

Clients can choose from over 30 forestry commission approved saplings or shrubs, usually planting the urn and tree in their garden. All saplings are native to the country, are grown from seeds in Forestry Commission Approved facilities, free from disease and using absolutely no plastic in the process whatsoever.

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